Friday, June 17, 2011

The Players

Since there will be quite a few different people involved in getting me another baby, I figured I should write out a list of characters to help keep it all straight. These are people I will probably mention with some frequency on here. Anyone else I will explain who they are when necessary. If I find myself talking about someone often, I will add them to the list.
Lead Characters:
Dave/David/daddy/DH: my kind, supportive, and loving husband
The Nacho/Macaroon/DD: my fabulous daughter
Gayla: the independent surrogacy consultant - she is helping us through this whole process, starting with finding a surrogate
L/Surro3: the current surrogate
Dr. Chantilis: the RE that will get my surrogate pregnant

Supporting Cast:
Grammy: my mom
Papa: my dad
Mimi: Dave's mom
Jen: my sister and first option for a surrogate until her son's disastrous birth
Reid-o: my miracle nephew and JA's son
Surro1: dear, dear, wonderful, amazing friend that offered to be a surrogate, but then decided (understandably) the health risks for her were too high
Surro2: found her via an ad. Things were moving right along, and we were aiming for a fall transfer, when she had to make a temporary move to WI to care for an ailing family member.
Justin: my younger brother that passed away in 1997. He is the Nacho and Reid-o's guardian angel. I know neither Reid-o nor myself would be here today if Justin had not been looking out for us on those fateful days.
JJ: my older brother
Ali: JJ's wife
Baby O/OJ: my nephew; JJ and Ali's son